Outdoor living space reflects the true value of your home and exudes the class and elegance you desire to radiate. Here are a few tips to design this exclusive area!

Establish Traffic Patterns

This can be done in a number of ways, including tree-lined borders and corners, creating shifts in hardscape materials or laying formal pathways, irrespective of the yard size.

Have A Full-size Fireplace

Its during the winter days when you realize the importance of having a full-fledged fireplace in your outdoor living space when people can gather together for a chat or read books on a quiet night. If you have sufficient budget, you can invest in this kind of arrangement, without failing to comply with fire safety rules. An experienced NY contractor will do this for you efficiently!

Seating Arrangements

Chairs, tables, benches or even a pint sized stool can be a great asset in your outdoor space. Flexible chairs of all sizes are a better option, since it can be joined together for multiple purposes. On the other hand, also make sure the space is not too crowded with seats everywhere!

Focal Point

Just like you have a piece of art or decorative lighting in a bedroom to catch the attention, you can have something in the outdoor living space as well. It can be anything like an artificial pond or a little fountain around which you can congregate the furniture. Not only does it give an interesting and dynamic feel to the space, but also lend visual appeal, without adding much to the cost.

Shaded Pots

Pots of varying shades and colors can be a great option to add texture and color to outdoor living space. Movable bases are of lighter weight and the best ones to be installed. Use a rotating series of seasonal plants for an ever-changing color palette, and place some of the pots at the edge of patio or deck to make it look like a border.

Hooks And Shelves

It may be a small thing, but a really helpful one when it comes to having practicality close at hand. An inexpensive hook can serve a great purpose to hang essential tools, such as hand towel, clothes or anything that you want within reach.

Smart Furniture Arrangement

To make the best possible use of your outdoor living space, clever furniture arrangement is of utmost importance. Say for instance, in a smaller area, place a dining table and bench closer to the edges or use differently textured rugs to divide dining and leisure areas.

Include Tabletop Color And Texture

Small containers or vases on either side of the dining area can add accent to the living space. It provides a more formal outdoor gathering in an elegant style.

Easy Access To Indoors

When you are designing patio or deck, make sure they are positioned along the traffic pattern or a spot that provides refuge, such as off the living room or master bedroom.

Dress Up The Siding

An outdoor suitable art or wall containers planted with trailing blooms and vines, along with salvage outdoor sign letters is a great way to enhance the outer appearance. You can also repaint your siding so that it blends in well with your designated outdoor space.