We all aspire to have the best-looking house in the area, the one house that stands out from the others and gets passers-by wishing they lived in it. Of course, you don’t want to stand out too much, or you will be accused of being vulgar and too garish, but there are ways to give your home a slight advantage over those around it. If in the future, you wish to sell your property it could be the difference between a quick sale or a protracted delay. Here are just some of the ways exterior design can benefit your home.

It’s All About Symmetry

The façade of any house is an important factor when considering any kind of exterior design. Symmetry and balance make for an eye-catching home that is also well-designed. A great example of symmetry is the British and their Stately Homes which gives a magnificent appearance upon approach. The Georgian style of these building utilizes symmetrical placement of doors, windows, and towers and this architectural style is synonymous with the English upper classes. We are not saying that you should aspire to multi-million dollar houses, but the correct lines and placings can turn your house around, visually.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Home?

This is an important aspect of exterior design as it relates to what you plan to use your house for. Perhaps you plan to use it for work, in which case window design and placement are important as you will require rooms with natural light. What are your family’s needs when it comes to your home? Perhaps you have a live-in nanny, so a room over a garage is required. Whatever is going on inside your home, should be reflected externally.


Where do you start when it comes to materials to change the façade of your home. From brick to wood, to stucco and so on, what are the best choices? This all comes down to your own personal choice, of course, but you need to ensure you get this right, or it could become a costly experiment. This is where a professional NYC contractor can assist, so you get the feel and look you desire.


Again, another area you need to ensure you get correct, as you don’t wish to end up with an eyesore. Should you retain a basic look that goes with the surrounding neighborhood, or do you want to be a little bolder, so you stand out more? Perhaps you need to employ just two colors externally, to create a contrast between light and dark. Some colors will make your house look taller or shorter, while others can turn certain areas into a focal point.

Getting The Roof Correct

It’s not only about style and color when it comes to roofing. How about costs and durability? Slate is a good option, as are tiles, but how will they affect your homes appearance? What is their life-expectancy and will they be expensive to replace? Asphalt shingles are a good option as they are cheap and there is no issue installing them. Some houses even use metal. You need to ensure your final decision is the correct one as your roof is an integral focus point if you get it wrong.