When it comes to designing then constructing your commercial property one major area that is often a mere second thought, is the floor. With our homes, our friends will instantly comment on the way the polished original floorboards compliment your house, so your clients should think the same of your business. First impressions last and impressing customers will give you some chance of retaining their custom. Read how you can get your commercial flooring right, and impress.

What Type Of Flooring Is Available?

As mentioned, there is nothing better than seeing the original floorboards of a building gleaming with a great satin polish, showcasing its history. However, not all buildings have original boards, and many are stone based. One alternative is vinyl flooring, complimented with a luxury finish. This type of flooring can make your office space look good, without the cost of wood or even stone. Not only that, but it is incredibly easy to clean. A luxurious way to furnish your office is with wall-to-wall carpet, though this may tend to be an expensive acquisition and costly if damaged. To get around the cost of wall-to-wall is carpet tiles. There are renovators to help you choose these correctly, so your office will look welcoming, and if the floor gets damaged, or worn down, you merely replace the tile and not the entire carpet.

How Much Foot Traffic Do You Expect?

This is extremely important when choosing the right flooring for your business. You will find that different types of flooring will last longer than others. You don’t want your floor to look like the entrance to an old, run-down motel where the carpet is worn out up to the reception desk. So, if you are expecting a lot of clients, then hardwood flooring will probably be the right type. You could even choose high-quality carpet tiles, or even the vinyl option.

Maintaining Your Floor

After a certain amount of time, all things start to look a little weathered. Walls may need a new lick of paint, desks need modernizing and replacing, light fittings changed and, of course, your floor needs looking at. If you have retained the original floorboards then you, then they will require polishing and varnishing every few years, dependent on the amount of traffic you have. Will this hinder your business machinations as big jobs like this often require the office space to be vacated for two days? If you are open on a weekend, when will you find time to complete this? Perhaps hardwood is a better option then. Carpet tiles look good and are very easy to replace, so as soon as they start looking worn, you can change them. You won’t need to close your business to get this job done. If you want longer lasting, no real issues flooring then perhaps vinyl is the way to go, particularly if you have a lot of foot traffic. Whatever way you choose to go there are commercial constructors to assist you with your choices, to ensure your office looks both welcoming and professional.