Major commercial renovation is normally done for various reasons, ranging from simply correcting the effects of wear and tear to making the building suited to another purpose. An example of the latter is when an office block is renovated after it switches to using IT for almost all services. In this setting, facilities such as a server room may need to be constructed. One should use this opportunity to optimize lighting in the facility as well. Though thought to be minor, the quality of lighting in commercial facilities such as office blocks play a huge role in determining employee satisfaction and therefore their productivity.

Light Needs Differ From One Client To The Next

When planning for commercial renovation, it should not be assumed that lighting would be solved by simply placing a few light fixtures along the walls and ceiling. An enquiry about the lighting needs in the different parts of the facility should be made. Depending on the purpose of the building, some areas may need little light, while some may need a lot of it. This can affect many decisions including the window layout, where to place light fixtures and how to block out or increase light in an area without overspending.

Consult The Facility Users

For the best information regarding how to handle light during the renovation, the best people to consult would be the ones who work in the facility. Since they are the ones who will spend the most time there, they are in the best position to give information about how light should be distributed throughout the property. One can collect this information verbally, or by issuing questionnaires about what they would prefer in terms of lighting.

Natural Light Can Drastically Reduce Power Bills

Office renovation often has many goals, and one could be to increase the amount of natural light streaming into the office. Having bigger windows is a simple way to do this provided the building is oriented properly, and there are no obstructions to sunlight. Having a lot of natural light in a commercial facility means that artificial light does not need to be used, which reduces your electricity costs.

For buildings that are oriented in such a manner that maximum sunshine streams into the office, glare is a potential concern. During office renovation, this can be dealt with by installing tint which lets in just the right amount of light.

Poor Installation Can Be Downright Dangerous

You should not ignore the quality of lighting when renovating a commercial facility since it can be a cause for safety concern. Poor wiring techniques and the use of low quality materials are some of the ways in which lighting installation during renovation can lead to disaster later on. When overloaded, such systems can result in electrical fires.

If you want to carry out commercial renovation working with a contractor with a good track record always pays off. Every detail, including how lights are installed, are thoroughly thought through and executed. This results in an outcome that is well worth the money.