During the off-season, outdoor spaces don’t get much of attention as compared to other living spaces inside the property. However, during the summer season, you need to take into account other extensions of your residence, including patio, yard, deck and porch. Maintenance of these areas is the key to preserve your outdoor living space in the best shape. Here are some tips to help you out!

Proper Arrangements

Before the season approaches, you need to set yourself up for better tinkering, auto repair, yardwork and gardening by properly arranging your shed. You will be able to do these important tasks only if your tools are in the right place, and you don’t have to search around.

Throw away any broken or rusty items and perform regular maintenance on tools and equipments.  Then make proper arrangements in a methodical way that makes sense to you. To make the best use of the space, use vertical storage systems.

Deep Cleaning

Things can get really filthy and stained if not taken care of, for a long time. Make use of pressure washer that can swipe off dirt with highly pressurized water jets, or use gentle spray for mild cleaning.  Step up your cleaning of fencing, sidewalks and furniture with a light-duty pressure washer.  A medium-duty washer can save your energy and time on cleaning jobs for driveways, siding, garage floors, patios and decks. Never ever try to operate the machine in an enclosed area, and wear closed-toed shoes and goggles for safety when using pressure washer.

In case you don’t have this effective tool in your inventory, and looking to purchase one, make sure to check the quality and efficiency of the machine.  Your decision will totally depend upon what kind of project you are looking to use it for and how often you are going to use it.

Hygienic Spaces

Remove standing water from the yard to reduce breeding mosquitoes. For more hygienic spaces, you can also have some plants in your courtyard that keep away these pests, such as marigolds and citronella. Plant some trees to get natural shady spaces for the coming seasons, however, for the current one, use shade arbors or awnings to fabricate a space where you can comfortably spend time in the afternoon, when the sun is hitting right at you.

Fire Pit And Grill

The best way to enjoy your outdoor living space is to sit around the fire pit and let the barbecue party flow. Ensure that some of the vital components of the backyard party are in working condition for summer season. Clean the grill with lemon juice and baking soda; clean your fire pit and barbecue as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s a wooden setup, clear the ashes and wipe off the grill.

For a season of relaxation, entertainment and gardening, you can restructure your outdoor living space by undertaking these tasks. It’s advisable to take help of professional service in case the restoration is being done after a long period of time.