People keep different kinds of pets for different reasons. When constructing a residential area for someone who is likely to have pets, you would need residential construction ideas that are pet-friendly. This will have many ramifications. In the case of rental property, having residence that has been constructed in a pet-friendly manner is likely to attract more buyers, since pet owners will not be locked out.

The same can be said for houses to be put on sale. Specific measures to make a home pet-friendly often depends on the type of pet one has. However, there are some general ideas that can work for the majority of the most common pets: cats and dogs. These should be considered during planning for construction.

Choose Your Carpets Wisely

There are many benefits of having a wall to wall carpet, including the fact that it keeps the house warm and is generally comfortable. However, if one owns a cat or dog, this can be a nightmare. These pets usually shed a lot of hair, which sticks to the carpet and can be difficult to remove. You may also encounter pet-related stains when you have a carpet. To avoid this, you should use low-pile carpeting when constructing the property. These are easier to clean and don’t attract as much hair.

Avoid continuous-loop carpets as much as you can. Pets can easily ruin them by having one of their toenails catching on one of the loops, and then unravelling a significant amount of it. Modular carpets are an excellent idea; they are easy to clean and if you have irreversible damage, all you have to do is replace a few tiles. This is cheaper than replacing the entire carpet. Seasonedresidential construction contractors help a lot when you want to have carpets in a pet-friendly house. Due to their experience, they are likely to provide more than enough valuable information.

Get A Hard Surface Floor

Rather than carpeting, you can have the floor finished using a hard surface to keep the home pet friendly. There is a lot of choice in this regard, including brick, terrazzo, painted concrete and more. Ceramic tiles are particularly popular since they are easy to clean, are resistant to stains, are not porous and aren’t damaged by pet toenails.

Install Hardy Finishing

In a pet-friendly home, it should be assumed that the pet will have the capability to run around in all rooms, and thus pose a risk to some fragile items. In an already built residential house, you may have fragile finishing in the kitchen, living room and other areas. You would need to contact a contractor to remodel the kitchen and other parts of the house to make finishing more pet-friendly. During initial construction, the home can be built with this in mind.

Use Paint That Is Easy To Clean

Some pets have the propensity to leave smudges on walls, such as drool. Some types of paint such as flat-finish paint is difficult to clean in such instances. You could instead use easy to clean paints such as semi-gloss, eggshell and satin finish paint.

You can find many more ideas on construction ideas that will make your home more pet-friendly. An established contractor is an especially valuable source of information for this.