Wall-hung toilets were initially popular in Europe, but their appeal has started spreading to other areas as well. In NYC, many clients are opting for wall-hung toilets benefits. If you are considering having them installed, it is critical that you let qualified contractors  handle the job. Wall-hung toilets require technical know-how in order to be installed, so your choice of residential renovation experts you choose to have the job done really matters. Some of the pros and cons that can help you figure out if you would like to try them out include:

Pro: They Occupy Little Space

If space is a valuable commodity in your bathroom, installing a wall-hung toilet would be a great way to reclaim some of it. Wall-hung toilets do not occupy as much space as conventional toilets, and you can even use the space under them for storage if you are creative enough. In addition to that, they also make the bathroom feel spacious, even if it’s tiny.

Pro: You Can Have It Customized To Your Needs

The only thing you have to decide when planning on installing a wall-hung toilet is what height it should be above the floor. This allows you to end up with a toilet that is most comfortable for you, since you will end up choosing a height that is perfect for you.

Pro: They Are Very Easy To Maintain

Of all toilet types, wall-hung versions are one of the easiest to clean. Since they are only attached to the wall and not the floor, you can mop underneath them without having to bend. Most wall-hung toilets have simple, elegant designs which makes cleaning them up a matter of wiping them down in a matter of seconds. Since only the bowl is visible, you can quickly clean it and be assured that it will be as sanitary as an be.

Con: They Are Difficult To Install

Major reasons why wall-hung toilets may not be as popular as other types include the fact that they are difficult to install. For one, they have to be mounted on specific mounts to ensure that the weight of the toilet does not crack the wall or pull it out. The entire wall also needs to be reinforced. If you are doing bathroom renovation to install wall-hung toilets, you need a team that is highly skilled and who are familiar with these types of toilets.

Con: They Can Be Difficult To Repair

When it comes to repairs, you also need high quality skill if you have wall-hung toilets since all the critical elements are behind the wall. Getting to a part that has malfunctioned may require part of the wall be removed and then replaced later, which takes a long time and can be costly.

Fortunately, there are ways around this. You can buy a wall-hung toilet with access panels for easy repairs. These may be slightly more expensive than regular wall-hung toilets but are well worth it. Make sure that the toilets are of high quality and installed by a qualified crew, and you will have drastically reduced the risks of anything going wrong with the toilet. When properly installed, they could last a lifetime without needing major technical repairs.