When planning on building or renovating a home for yourself, for rent or for sale, it’s always important to make sure that it has all the features necessary to make it sturdy and safe. You may need residential construction ideas to get it done. Established contractors are usually the best source of such information, so you should insist on working with one who has a lot of experience. One aspect of construction you may come across is the use of fireproof mortar. This is a type of mortar that you should consider using in construction and renovation due to its benefits.

What Fireproof Mortar Is

Most types of mortar, whether designated fireproof or not, are actually fireproof to some degree. This is on account of their constituents, which include clay, lime, sand and cement which are naturally resistant to heat. This is why they are used in construction of crucibles and other similar devices. However, there are methods of increasing the mortar’s resistance to fire, which is usually considered fireproof. To use fireproof mortar in renovation or construction, you would need to work with contractors with extensive experience in the making and use of the product.

How Fireproof Mortar Is Made

Regular mortar is made by mixing cement, clay, sand and lime in predetermined ratios to provide the desired physical properties such as resistance to compression. Fireproof mortar is made by altering the ratios of these basic constituents, and adding other steps in the manufacturing process.

Typically, fireproof mortar is made by mixing ten parts of sand, three parts of cement and fireclay and half a part of lime. This is thoroughly mixed until dispersed evenly. When the separate substances can no longer be identified, water is added while constantly stirring the mixture. The result should be a mixture that has the consistency of peanut butter. This is then used for the desired construction.

How It’s Typically Used

In most cases, fireproof mortar is used for construction or renovation in areas that are prone to getting hot. These include cooking spaces, fireplaces or even barbecue spits. However, the use of fireproof mortar is not limited to these areas. Experienced masonry experts can use the mortar correctly in other parts of the house as well, making it more protected. To avoid problems such as cracking, it’s important that fireproof mortar (and any other type of mortar for that matter) to be used properly. This is why you should insist on established contractors for the job.

Why You Should Use Fireproof Mortar

When used in areas where a lot of heat is produced, fireproof mortar is beneficial since it prevents the heat from reaching other surrounding structures. The regular heating and cooling cycles have the potential to damage these structures, causing cracks that could extend and be expensive to fix. Generally, using fireproof mortar instead of regular mortar extends the residence’s life and makes it safer.

This fact can be used in various instances, such as when marketing to potential house buyers or renters or when negotiating for lower house insurance rates. The most important point to remember is that it has to be installed properly for it to have any benefits.