If you have small rooms in your home, there is no need to feel that they cannot be made to look bigger without the cost of internal renovations. There are many ways to create an expansive effect and fool your friends into believing a room is larger than it actually is. Here are just some of the ways colors for interior design can make a room look larger.

Lighting Can Open Up Space

Perhaps the easiest way to make an internal area look larger is to allow for natural light to permeate your living area. Floor to ceiling glass doors can add more dimension to a small kitchen, with an outlook over the back yard. Perhaps you have a wall where a large window could be installed, to open up space in your house. Another great way to increase the apparent size of your home is to use skylights throughout. One in the kitchen roof allows light in direct from above, or one in a hallway will also appear to create more space. Smart use throughout your home can turn many small rooms, into larger feeling ones.


A room painted white looks large. This primary color can be used to great effect as it literally matches any other color coupled with it. If your room has darker furniture, or the dining table and chairs is a more intense shade, then white will take the focal point to the table, while creating a space around it. If an entirely white room does not sound appetizing, then contrast one of the walls with another color. You will find that this opens up the room even further.

Blues & Greens

A neutral room can change with the subtle addition of light blues and greens. These colors tend to add a more relaxing touch to a smaller room, while the shades help to brighten the space and create a feeling of openness. By adding white trims to your room, perhaps on the window frames, it will automatically give the illusion of a bigger area.

Citrus & Pastels

A color such as yellow, if a lighter shade is chosen, can open up a room such as a bathroom. With the addition of natural sunlight in any room in your home, the area will appear more open. Pastel hues and shades will also brighten any room while making it feel bigger. To create an even larger effect, perhaps add a mirror on one of the walls, to create a focal point.

Bold Colors

Many people think there is an unwritten rule when trying to create an illusion of a room appearing bigger than it is, and that is not to use bold colors. This is not the case though. A good strong color can be used as long as you ensure you balance it out with neutral coloring around it. This way when your guests enter the living area they are not over overwhelmed by such an intense color.