Few corporate or administrative locations are perfect, and almost all will have some design features that are lacking in form and function. One way to resolve these issues while making the most of your corporate location is through a renovation project. These projects will involve the rearranging, rebuilding or complete demolishing of an area so that a more attractive space can be implemented. Before beginning any corporate renovation project GreenTree Construction will want detailed information about the grounds where the work will be done. This is typically done via a soil test, survey and topographic map.

What We Can Do for Corporate & Administrative Renovation

Once we have data involving the shape and size of the construction site, as well as the utilities which are available there, we can evaluate it to determine if it is suitable for the proposed renovation. Regardless of the type of renovation project desired, the site must be prepped in advance before the actual work begins.

GreenTree Construction also performs basic renovation projects such as the installation of new flooring, applying a fresh coat of paint or installing or replacing windows and doors. We generally recommend leaving the existing plumbing in place as changing it is exceptionally complex and will significantly drive up the cost of the project.

The services provided by GreenTree Construction encompass a wide variety of tasks, from working with walls and foundations to installing new rooms and other types of architectural structures. We also have considerable expertise in roof construction and design. We can assist you in the installation of new skylights, and we work with roofs of all shapes and sizes, whether they are angular or rounded.

The Affordable Specialist You Can Trust for Corporate & Administrative Renovation

No two construction projects are exactly the same, and it’s important to work with a contractor that has a dedicated and experienced team with diverse skillsets. There is no limit to the types of challenges or problems that you’ll run into during a corporate and administrative renovation project, so it is essential to work with someone who has the flexibility and creativity to deal with the unexpected.

Your corporate headquarters is the center of your business and its image is a representation of your business. The premises should be clean, well designed, and should also be able to accommodate individuals who are physically challenged. GreenTree Construction can guide you in making these types of renovations.

We have many years of experience in all things construction and renovation related, and that’s why we are highly confident in embarking on a new construction or upgrade of existing structural elements in your office or corporate headquarters. In either case, the work that we perform is without peer. Before we begin any physical work we will spend a great deal of time with you planning and discussing the project to ensure we understand what needs to be done. This is because we understand that 80 percent of a construction project should be well-spent in the planning phase while the remaining 20 percent is spent performing the actual work. Contact us today to learn more!

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