Preserving the history of your church or religious sanctuary is very important. GreenTree Construction offers a variety of ways in which your church can be upgraded or enhanced without compromising its distinct architecture. We have experts who specialize in plaster repair, paint and other forms of renovation who can replicate or restore the original furnishings within your church such as chairs, pews or chancel furnishing. We can also restore or upgrade stained glass windows.

What We Can Do for Church & Religious Renovation

When undertaking a church renovation project, our goal is to facilitate the preservation or enhancement of the church’s architectural details. This includes things such as replacing or enhancing carpet, furnishing and fabric as well as any video or audio equipment that is present. We can redesign or remodel speaker platforms, refinish hardwood floors, restore fluorescent antique lighting or upgrade to LED, and perform baptistery renovations.

Churches which are in need of new chancel furnishings or choir chairs can depend on us to supply them. We also specialize in Narthex furnishings and upgrades. Our designers routinely collaborate with numerous religious institutions and are open to all forms of worship. Our projects will result in a religious environment which is aesthetically pleasing and a perfect place for worship.

The services that we provide are depended on the scope of your project. Most church renovation projects begin with the replacement of carpets or other objects that are worn out, as well as routine maintenance. However, when you begin thinking in terms of how space should be used this is when a project can become larger and more costly than anticipated. This is why it is important for the church leaders to develop a master plan ahead of time, which can allow them to renovate various aspects of their church within an acceptable budget and schedule.

The Affordable Specialist You Can Trust for Church & Religious Renovation

Depending on the scope of a project, a church renovation may require experts such as lighting consultants, stained glass specialists, furniture fabricators and craftspeople of various types. GreenTree Construction provides professional consultation and assistance with all aspects of church renovation. Our team has considerable expertise in church architecture and can provide the results you’re looking for.

More time should be spent planning the church renovation than actually performing it. This will ensure everything is done seamlessly without delays which will drive up the costs of the project. A minimum of six months should be spent corresponding with a design team before any actual construction work begins. Not only will that give our professionals time to help you plan the project, but will also give your church the needed time to establish a budget.

GreenTree Construction has generations of experience providing a variety of construction and renovation services. Depending on the complexity of your project, we can split it into phases that can be completed over a specific time span. We also understand that budget is a preliminary concern, so talk to us about your requirements and let us find the best solutions for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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