Masonry involves the construction of structures using concrete, stone or brick. Cement mortar is typically used to position these units, which will bind them to produce a structure. Masonry which is done correctly can provide stunning floors and walls at prices which are reasonable. Because of the individual units masonry requires extensive labor and time, but once the job is done the materials will be durable and will require minimum maintenance. While masonry has great compressive strength, its tension strength is low.

Why You Need Masonry

Concrete masonry is a standard material of the construction business. It has numerous advantages, including low price, resistance against fire and durability. GreenTree Construction uses concrete masonry in various projects, and because concrete masonry units are manufactured by private companies there are few limits to the types and sizes which are available.

Masonry is also pretty versatile. Some of the types which are available include matte face, sand blasted, ground face, scored and ribbed, insulated and acoustical. Bricks are essentially clay which is hardened and have been used since the dawn of civilization. The sizes of the bricks used during antiquity are quite similar in size to those used in the construction business today.

Get Inspired for Masonry

The weak tension which is characteristic of masonry is actually beneficial for construction. Builders take advantage of this feature to create arches above the openings of windows or doors. Arches are popular masonry projects and are fascinating in the manner in which they function in compression. Another example is barrel vault ceilings, which are essentially arches which are three dimensional.

Due to increased compression strength, builders have noted many steel structures that can provide walls which are even stronger and easier to service. For instance, Rebar can be combined with masonry walls which will enhance the wall’s load carrying capacity. Mortar is responsible for binding together the masonry units. It is typically comprised of lime, sand, water and Portland cement.

Masonry offers tremendous advantages. It is resistant to extreme weather and will protect your property against sub-zero temperatures, storms, extreme heat and even degradation resulting from U.V. Unlike wood masonry is invulnerable to termites which means it is the preferred material for exterior walls. It also offers protection against, fungus, mold and all forms of rot. Homes and buildings made with masonry are much healthier to live and work in and they are also air tight, which means they provide resistant to allergens.

The Affordable Specialist You Can Trust for Masonry

GreenTree construction has superior expertise and experience in masonry. The projects we perform offer greater sound proofing while requiring very little maintenance and will even lower your energy bills. This is because concrete block, when added with insulation systems that are thermal mass, will store greater energy, meaning your property will be cooler during summer and warmer during winter. We also produce masonry work which is environmentally friendly, and will enhance the resale value of your property. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!