In the cut-throat world of commerce, one has to do whatever it takes to stay on top of their game. Commercial renovation may at first not seem like an example of this, but further investigation shows that it can be used to give you an edge in the world of commerce. Before such renovations, it’s sometimes wise to have the building professionally inspected and investigated.

What Is Building Investigation?

Simply put, building investigation is a service that aims to assess the true state of a building. This is important prior to undertaking commercial building renovation. A lot of information can be gleaned from such an investigation, and can be used in planning the renovation. Since it’s highly technical, building investigation has to be done by qualified and experienced individuals or firms. You will be assured of getting a more thorough and accurate report this way.

What Are Some Of The Things That Can Be Checked?

Building investigation involves myriad problems. Some of these include inspection of windows and cladding, leaking roofs, failed sealants, brickwork or masonry defects, broken elements e.g. support beams that are not structurally sound and many more. The number of services you can get depends on the firm you contract for the investigation.

In addition to inspection of the building on site, some tests can be done as well. For instance, the concrete or brickwork used can be tested in a lab to find out if it’s structurally sound, or if it has degraded and become a hazard. Other tests include finding mold spores and much more.

Why It Should Be Done Before Commercial Renovation

A commercial building that is to undergo renovation can benefit a lot from such an investigation. Information from the renovation can have a major impact on the planning of the renovation process. For example, the results of building investigation can help in the following ways:

  • To decide the degree of renovation. For example, if it is found that an office is in a very poor state, major office renovations will need to be done, rather than minor aesthetic touch ups. This will make the building safer and last longer.
  • The results can be used to help focus on areas that need special attention, such as removal of mold or installation of additional support structures.
  • It provides an estimate of the cost of the renovation. This can be derived from the difference between the current state of the building and the envisioned state.

Do You Always Need A Third Party To Carry Out Building Investigations?

There are third parties who carry out specialized building investigations, and you can use their services if need be. However, for best results, you should simply do the renovation using a company that has an excellent track record in commercial renovation. These usually thoroughly inspect a building before performing the requested task, and take into consideration the needs of the client. As a result, you end up having all the services you need provided under one roof, and the cost will be lower.