Every deck will be comprised of elements such as joists, beams, piers and a ledger. On-grade decks which are constructed above ground don’t need any steps, railings or posts.  When building an outdoor deck for you, GreenTree Construction will first determine the framing material size. For beams and rim joists which are comprised of 2x doubled up lumber the nominal width of the board in inches must equal the span, which is measured in feet. This is the best approach for building a simple deck.

Why You Need Deck Construction

If you’ve always wanted a deck for your outdoor living space, but were reluctant to do the job yourself, seeking the services of a professional is wise. A deck is the perfect way to enhance the look of your backyard, and when done well can drive up the value of your property. However, as with all renovation projects, it requires knowledge and skill to get optimal results.

The best decks are those that have floor frames which are pressure treated and supported via concrete piers and ledger board. For many projects we prefer to use decking which is 5/4 inches. A deck that only features one step doesn’t require railing, which makes the job easier.

Get Inspired for Deck Construction

One of the most important steps in completing a deck is the attachment of the ledger. We’ll remove the building’s siding and trim to one foot over the top of the spot where the ledger will be situated. The exposed sheathing will then be covered with a waterproof membrane that is self-adhering. Professionals understand the importance of protecting the ledger, which is something that many DIY enthusiasts overlook.

Protecting the ledger will require us to slice a piece of waterproof self-adhering membrane to a width and length which is identical to the ledger. The membrane must then be folded lengthwise by its center so that a right angle is formed. It can then be applied above the ledger so that the joint is housed in a way that allows one leg to cover the spacer blocks and the ledger.

The other leg will be extended upwards on the wall. The next step after this is to set the piers and footing, and install the side rim joists and post basis. The front rim beams and interior joists must then be installed, which is followed by the attachment of the decking and trim. As you can see, there is a lot of work involved in the construction of even a simple deck, and each step must be completed without mistakes.

The Affordable Specialist You Can Trust for Deck Construction

The next time you decide to build a deck to create the perfect outdoor living space, you should give GreenTree Construction a call. We have considerable expertise in a variety of home renovation projects and we can put together a stunning deck which will be the envy of your neighbors. Our experienced team will sit down with you to draft the project and walk through each aspect of the task to ensure the outdoor deck is built to your exact specifications. Contact us today and find out more!