Dormer additions are one of the best ways to raise the height of your roof. They result in a ceiling that is higher and provides additional interior space. It requires the removal of an area of the existing roof so that the newer structure can be installed. When done correctly, a dormer addition can also provide more natural light and elegance to the interior and exterior of your home. However, before starting this project there are a number of things you’ll want to consider.

Why You Need Dormer Additions

Dormer additions provide a number of benefits to your home. Some of these include greater space, superior lighting and a more sophisticated appearance. They come in different varieties, which mean you have multiple options to choose from. The dormer type is determined by its shape, and two of the most popular are shed and gable dormers. Gable dormers feature a roof which peaks in the middle and descends near the sides.

The shed dormer has its lowest point on the front and will slope upward to the back. Another type of dormer which is sought after by homeowners is the hip roof. This dormer is usually comprised of three different sides that will converge near a peak. When installing a dormer GreenTree Construction will ensure it’s aligned with the roof of your house to provide the most desirable aesthetics.

Get Inspired for Dormer Additions

Dormer additions are desirable in situations where you want extra space but don’t need to build outward. The dormer can also be used to install an extra window and spice up a roof which has a bland appearance. Many homeowners consider their attics to be wasted space which provides sufficient flooring but not enough room between the floor and ceiling. Dormers can be used to resolve this issue while also allowing for the installation of bedrooms, closets and even bathrooms.

Regardless of where you live, a permit will be required before a dormer can be installed. Depending on your jurisdiction this could be the most time consuming and tedious aspect of the project. It isn’t unusual for a homeowner to have to wait a few weeks or months before a permit will be granted, which is why this step should be taken long before you begin planning the project, selecting the materials or deciding which type of dormer you want.

The Affordable Specialist You Can Trust for Dormer Additions

GreenTree Construction is an established, highly respected builder who has expertise in numerous facets of the construction and renovation business. We can assist you in transforming your attic into a comfortable living space through the addition of a dormer. A dormer will increase square footage and the cost of the project will depend on the space you intend to add as well as the type of materials used in the construction. We provide extensive consultation to our clients to ensure every aspect of the project is measured and understood before the actual work begins. Contact us today to learn more!