Installing a skylight is a challenging, but very rewarding renovation project. Natural overhead lighting is a wonderful way to add character and drama to a space while highlighting the architectural elements. The skylight has been used as far back as Ancient Rome and its mystery and majesty makes it popular among homeowners today. One factor which has given skylights an enduring popularity is that fact that zenith light can be reinvented in an almost infinite number of ways.

Why You Need Skylight Installation

A skylight is the perfect way to use natural light to enhance the beauty of a space. When it is positioned by a wall it allows the light to fall into a surface which provides an additional layer which is visually fascinating. Not only does a skylight provide natural light, but it also offers an opening to the exterior. When a skylight is added to an unusual location such as the master bedroom the head of the bed will be illuminated during the day and at night it may be possible to see the stars.

A skylight also provides two key benefits when installed above a bathroom without a window: it provides ambience while offering a much higher level of privacy than a window. One common complaint regarding skylights is that they have a tendency to leak overtime. However, newer models utilize superior flashing methods which have largely eliminated this issue.

Get Inspired for Skylight Installation

Before a skylight can be installed an opening must be cut. This is typically done with a circular saw after the shingles have been stripped. The next step is the flashing of the sill. The cutout will need to be lowered carefully and then the roof sheathing will need to be nailed down near the opening’s perimeter. We will then apply a strip of membrane which is self-adhesive along the opening’s bottom edge and then slice and fold the top of the strip over on top of the sill that is exposed.

At this point the skylight itself will be put into position. One person will need to be on the roof while another will need to assist them from the inside. The skylight will be lifted into the opening and its bottom edge will be placed onto the sill. The unit will then be lowered on top of the roof.

1¼ inch galvanizing nails will need to be driven into the skylight’s flange holes and inside the roof. Once this is done the sides will need to be sealed and the bottom edge will need to be sill flashed. Finally, we will ensure the sides are step flashed, counter flashed and the saddle flashing will then be installed.

The Affordable Specialist You Can Trust for Skylight Installation

Skylight installation is a procedure that should be left to a professional. GreenTree Construction specializes in various types of home renovation and we can help you install a skylight which is perfect for your home. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you when it comes to giving your home a well-deserved makeover!