If you are looking to customize your outdoor space, there are plenty of creative outdoor decking options you can consider. Choosing the right decking material is all about figuring out what goes well with your outdoor area. You need to transform the space in a way that is both visually effective as well as functional. If you want to use the space as an entertainment area, selecting a quality deck can be a great investment for years to come. A high quality decking stuff is generally easy to maintain and highly resistant to damage. Here are a few options you might want to consider.

Pressure-Subjected Wood

Deck made of a wooden material subjected to high pressure is designed to withstand any damage due to rotting or insects. It’s a low cost alternative and a good decking option for budget renovation. Additionally, copper as a treating agent is used, being less toxic and emitting fumes only on burning. One can easily enhance the color of this material by using stains. With proper refinishing and staining, the material can last for years.


Composite deck is made from wood fiber and polyethylene, imitating the wood-like appearance at a cost little higher than cedar. Although it requires little maintenance, it doesn’t twist, splinter or rot once it’s down. Even the color change over time is evenly spread, though it can turn dark in shady areas. Most of the textural changes can be stained even after 6 or 7 months. Every inch of this defect free material can be used, and maintenance generally involves spraying off with a hose. Also, this material is cooler and easier on the foot. Spend some extra cash for a uniquely customized setup!


Another low maintenance option that comes at an affordable price and guarantees long-term resistance against damage. Cedar gives a natural look to the entire setting, being the heartwood of the three. It does not absorb moisture, and tends to lie straight and flat, rather than splitting and twisting. Cedar deck boards generally have a life span of 15-20 years, however it deteriorates faster when employed for ground-level decking.


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the most commonly used decking option for outdoor space, and it is essentially free of any maintenance. You have an option to choose from several colors including white, tan, brown and grey. Nowadays, we can get PVC in high quality versions with an outer vinyl layer and a cellular core for greater strength.


Simple to install and lightweight material, redwood decking is another good option for outdoor space. Redwood is a bit on the pricey side, but it is long lasting in terms of durability and resistance against rotting. Make sure to choose a decking made only from cream-colored sapwood.

If you are confused between these options, it’s advisable to take help of a professional who will figure out the best option for you, based on your requirement. Give us a call today or visit our facility to get quotes for your next outdoor renovation project.